20160322_162535My name is Victoria and I’m a 27 year old Massachusetts native. I grew up in New England in my parents house where my mom would make simple meals for me and my dad every night. Don’t get me wrong, my mom is a fantastic cook but I can actually remember eating the typical American meal often. Meat, potatoes and a side of veggies. While I do miss curling up and watching Full house with my pork chop and baked potato, my flavor palette has broadened substantially since then.

I moved to California a year after College. Living the typical So-Cal lifestyle lead me to experimenting with my diet quite a bit. When I first moved there, I ate whatever I wanted whenever I wanted. After about a month of living there, I decided to cut meat out of my meals completely. It didn’t take long for me to realize that I was doing something wrong. After about 3 months of my meatless adventures, I found myself constantly drained of energy. I wasn’t supplementing or preparing meals that offered optimal nutrition. So, I started researching. I found out that I really needed to get proper protein into my diet, along with healthy fats, etc.

I also had a preconceived notion that Carbs equaled gaining weight. While in truth, there are many high-carbohydrate foods that are beneficial to your health. Carbohydrates are an essential part of the best energy-sustaining foods, the key is choosing the right ones.

Back to the California experience. After 3 years of being a vegetarian, I decided to add Fish into my diet (Pescatarian). The entire experience of changing eating habits really forced me to be creative in the kitchen. I spent time at Farmer’s Markets finding the right, fresh ingredients. I researched recipes often to find meals that intrigued me. I made my meals every night with the exception of dinner date nights once in a while. Often, I would find a recipe or two and put my own spin on it or even combine them! I learned to cook with my heart. Which as it turns out, makes your food taste a lot better too.

I’m here to share my own personal recipes and recipes that I’ve found online. They aren’t geared towards any specific type of person. You’ll be able to find cooking tips, suggestions for local farmers/eateries etc. I hope this adds some insight into your own personal cooking journey!